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I.      Privacy is important to all of us!

We recognize the importance of privacy to each and every one of our customers and we assure you that any information we gather will be used strictly for our business needs. We do not sell or share any information that we gather either directly or indirectly from you. The information we do gather is used only to serve you better!


All payment information stored on secure servers is used to assist you in completing a transaction and to prevent Internet fraud and it is removed daily from our web site. In addition, we limit access to any personally identifiable information to those employees who have a specific business purpose such as credit verification.

II. We do not  retain any credit information!


If you have any concerns about the security of your personal information, you may write to us at the address below and your order will be processed manually. You can write to us at:

Just Trains LLC
7 Armstrong Road
Wantage, New Jersey 07461
IV. We do not collect personal information from your computer.

Many companies will collect information from visitors computers while the visitor is at their web site, and sometimes it is done maliciously without their knowledge. We do not collect information without your knowledge or consent! We do not use any malicious or secretive programs to gather information.

We do track traffic flow on our web site, which may include the voluntary use of a temporary cookie to enable you to store your on-site visits for service. The "cookie" is innocuous and in no manner identifies you or your computer. This only enables us to identify which part or parts of our site you have accessed.

VI. How we use what information we do gather.

There are primarily two purposes for the information we gather. The first, depending upon whether or not a credit card is involved, is to insure that the transaction is legitimate, does not involve a stolen or pilfered credit card; a fake authorization or involve identity theft. The second is to allow you to come back to that area you have just visited via a cookie.

VII. Do we ever disclose any of the information we gather?

Yes, for one and only one reason. Upon receipt of, and in response to, a lawful order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction or to a government agency or regulatory authority with jurisdiction to make the request. Should that occur, we will attempt to notify you of the request and provide you with forty-eight (48) hours to respond. After that period we will disclose the information requested to the court or a regulatory authority issuing the lawful order unless that order is withdrawn. The only exception to this is in the event that identity theft or credit card fraud (or other unlawful act) is suspected.